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Thread: Aces Vs Wolves 11.10.2017 - PREDICTIONS ONLY

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    Belle Vue World Champion Peter Craven
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    Nichols, Lawson and Richie Worrall for wolves.harris for Fricke and r/r for cookie..

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    Belle Vue Second String Charlie Gjedde
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superace View Post
    Easy to say when weve had 3 seasons of winning a lot of matches. I dont believe for 1 minute anyone would be happy if we lost every week no matter how good the racing is. Yes we want to be entertained but winning is a big part of that entertainment.
    It's surely all about balance, being competitive is the big part of my entertainment I mean how dull would it be if we were humping teams week in week out? I wouldnt bother going.

    On a seperate note I can't see how the forecasted +40mph winds arn't going to play havoc tonight.

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